2021 is the year in which the JOBE SUP range has really pushed to become THE top-of-the-range collection out there. JOBE have worked hard to bring you the best and they really have kicked it up with some brand new innovations. So let’s run through all that they have changed for this new season.

Form Follows Function

Let’s talk design shall we? Form Follows Function is a design principle which finds its origin in 20th century modern architecture. And this design philosophy came to be by architect Louis Sullivan. But the cool thin is that this isn’t something which you can just apply to architecture. For instance, this was also the design concept for designing BMW motorcycles.

For Jobe Sports, we used to philosophy and the looks are clean and functional. You can see this in our bungee cord, which has been integrated in the railtape. The railtape adds protection to the board while the bungeecord is integrated in this. The result is a sleek look with added protection.

Premium Aero VS Aero

This year JOBE make a distinction between Aero SUP boards and Premium aero SUP boards. What’s the difference we hear you thinking?

the JOBE Aero Series is a more price friendly SUP which has the high-end quality your used to but comes at a considerable smaller price. We thinned out these SUP boards, making them 4.75 inches thick. But still use our Heat Bonded Technology techique, which reduces in weight and increases in stiffness when compared to standard Double layer technology. So we didn’t cut in Tech. 

We also added a different paddle to the package as our Premium Aero series comes with a Fiberglass paddle for better performance.

Our Aero Series have a Double Stringer (one on the bottom and one on the top) which adds response to the board. The Double stringer has become an extra update for our Premium Series, where our Aero Series has the one stringer on there for added response.

Last but not least the Premium Aero series comes with a bigger deckpad, giving you plenty of room on the SUP. Where our Aero series has the standard deckpad which fits all the requirements to have a great SUP Experience!

EZ-Click Fin

Just when you though life couldn’t become easier, it just did! Our new SUP collection comes with the EZ-Click Fin (EZ = EASY, get it)! Simply switch the lever open, click the fin in and push the lever down! IT’s as easy as that! It’s faster, easier and your fin is locked in better.

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