This year we introduced a new showpiece to our collection called: The Jobe E-Duna. A high-end stand up paddle board driven by an electric motor!

The E-Duna has an integrated, yet removable battery powered motor which has 3 built in speed modes. The motor is controlled by an easy-to-use controller which you can connect to your paddle. So whether you’re experiencing strong headwind or a heavy waterflow against you… The E-Duna will bring you everywhere with ease! Sounds cool, right?! ????

But what is exactly hiding under this board? What technology makes the E-Duna one of the coolest items of our collection? Come along with us and let’s visit SIPA, the manufacturer of the motor of our very own E-Duna. Let’s have a look into the process!

Here you can see the electric heart of our E-Duna. Well… the housing of the electric heart. At this point, all housings are being checked on small deviations like it’s colour, or the straightness of the shape of the housing.

After being checked and receiving a 100% positive score, we’re ready for the next step!


The electric parts of the motor also get their own housing to give extra security and safety to the motor. Here you can see how the lower- and upper part are getting connected to each other. The motor needs to stay totally dry, so connecting these two parts is a very important and precisely step in the process!


Once the ‘inside’ housing of the motor is 100% correctly connected, the part is finished and it looks as follows. Now the inner housing is ready to be placed in the outer housing which you can see in the back. Double security = extra durability!


In this step the inner housing is getting glued into the outer housing. After a few hours of drying while being held under pressure, the two housings are fully connected and 100% protected against water. The heart is safe now!


Here you can see the controlling process of the motor itself. At this point, every single motor is being checked on rotation, RPM (rounds per minute) on every speed level and functioning in general.


Now it’s time to add the details to the motor. Let’s top off with the cylinders. They take care of pumping up the board to make sure you’re ready to hit the water in an eyewink. At this point the cylinders are getting checked on the quality of the bearings and the preciseness of the production. If the tolerance is too high, air will find its way out, which will result in a negative testing score. Luckily, this wasn’t the case.


Next up is controlling the valves. This part makes sure your board is able to be pumped up the right way, and it also takes care of holding the air into your board… Which is quite a necessity In this step all the valves are being checked on production quality and tolerance.


These special screws are used for attaching the valve onto the motor.


Here you can see the housing of the remote control. The motor will only function perfectly with a remote control that functions perfectly, so therefore every remote control housing is getting checked on a 100% correct shape, colour and quality of the housing.


This little device tells exactly if the system is fully airtight and protected against high pressure. A very important step in the process!


Whoop whoop! Have look at the pump in action! Here you can see how we’re checking if the pumping process is working. Besides that the board is also getting an extra check on any possible small leaks.

And at last… It’s time to show you the motor doing it’s job! In this phase of the process the motor is being tested on being water-proof while the motor is working. The remote control is also attached onto the motor to see how it performs while being immersed.

Sooo now you know what’s going on in this luxury toy! A beauty on the outside with high-end technology on the inside. 


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